Monday, October 4, 2010

T.V Shows that you should be watching

Why should you watch this: It's High School Musical with more class and less deranged outbursts of singing. The second season promises some celebrity cameos, The Britney Spears cameo has already aired and one word EPIC!!!!!. Charice has already featured and plus romance is going to be in the air this year.
Fringe is the most amazing sci-fi/thriller show i have watched since X-Files, better believe this Joshua Jackson of the Dawson's Creek fame adds the comic relief to this show that makes it watchable.
One word to describe Modern Family would be classic. Five years down the road I will still be singing praises for this show. The oddity in this family is so amazing that even my mother loves the show

New show that spawned from some guy's random spewings on Twitter.

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