Wednesday, October 13, 2010

This is me not caring

A while ago I posted something about being in a relationship apparently it isn't so anymore or wasn't even so then. As usual I can't even be bothered again about this one because as usual it ended the same way as the others lies lies and more foolish lies. I'm tired of deluding myself into thinking that one day some special will come along because shit like that only happens in my life once in twenty years. This last person was amazing and even had a jealous streak and in a freaky way that trips me but all in all it wasn't to be we still talk and stuff and last night I had an epiphany and I thought to myself if we are supposed to work things out why am I doing all the talking and you keeping me at bay. Life is so annoying at times and my fucking heart is paining me it's giving me a headache. Anyway back to the Evil chipper self and no more bull shit love nonsense. Till my next post. STAY BORED

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  1. this is lovely i really love what am seeing man it's nice