Friday, October 1, 2010

Stick to your Day job

This is just horrendous red shoes haba in the 21st century Hmmmmmmmmmmm chei Nwatorocha

This is what they call”I shan’t gree” as in the effort and garagara is too much.

I love her but please these braids have to

Too me this was one of the best dressed people at the event (it should have been her own event)

Na wa doesn't she have a stylist some people sha


I went on a hiatus for some time, trying to analyse what was truly going on in my life and if i truly wanted to blog. It's amazing the things that happen when you go off the radar. My hand has been itching to get at my laptop with the gist so..
Omotola is releasing her new album Me Myself and Eyes (i can feel your eyes rolling at the title alone) she then proceeded to have an album launch for the us the mere people and then have an invite only party for which she charged N1 million Naira for a table already I was laughing when i saw the album title and laughable singles that followed.
It gets better she couldn't even hire a stylist to assist her and even if she did that person has to be bitch-slapped, every outfit deserved a hot mess award, btw is it just me or was everybody there dressed like they were in need of some fashion salvation. Somebody tell Zizi Cardow that she looks like a crazy antelope in all these get-ups she has been wearing

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  1. myself and does someone sit down and come up with such trash titles? i think D'banjs influnce is rubbin off...smh kmt