Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wetin Happen: Una No Get Stylist

The picture above refers to one of those that you see and you pray it's a dream with the steady emergence of stylists and PR firms why would anybody comeout looking like a demented Salsa dancer I mean haba this is what me and my pple refer to as I must to show for picture.
This is just for laffs I'm hoping those people behind him are not his bodyguards but are his hangers on because if at all Faze still has fans they will squash those two
Desmond Elliot you are killing me everyday with you sub par dressing and you are one pf the people claiming to be signed to a PR agency and you are wearing WHITE SHOES in this day and age. First you were wearing that disgusting cravat that made you looking like stuffed tolotolo now white shoes and white trousers.
This picture is I shan't agree I must to take first at this party even Suliat would be jealous of this get up. Don't get me wrong the dress is okay at least she didn't look like that train wreck in Tiger skin but the beads abi pearls are overkill. It's a bit much for me

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