Tuesday, October 5, 2010


This week has been annoying and it hasn't even started yet. First off all is started with the DSTV hanging and off all channels for it to hang on African Magic (No 1 Suspect Muna The Maid) I was eyes and ears were then raped with the worst possible movies made. Then I had to run off to NYSC for head count. I got there kinda of late meaning stupid people/haters woyld have pitched their tents of stupidity every were so they can gossip and spew their gutter troll every were. As usual I refuse to were that hideous uniform and those disgusting shoes so I pick up a sweater, white T-shirt my new blue rimmed nerd glasses and their foolish khaki pants altered by Mama Benita to suit my fat. I get there and start searching for Timi who obviously would have angrily sat somewhere wondering why he had to be there when he could be at home starring at himself in the mirror, then one idiot with her chinese blackberry, smelling lace wig and igbo smelling perfuming that kept raping my nose every five minutes said see this orobo he too dey overdo sef na only im get money" ha I look at her in mock fury and say sweetheart the rat that died on your head is smelling please go and wash it before you can talk to me.
As you read this post enjoy the picture above as it describes my notion of the girl and her deranged boyfriend

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