Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Vogue gets Boring

I'm an avid reader of Vogue magazine infact that's the first thing I ask my mother for whenever she travels but for the love of all things pure what the fuck is going on in that magazine. First off all they put two of the most boring people in my opinion on the October issue of both the American and British Vogue. Haba First of all Cheryl Cole's Steven Miesel cover is butt ugly I mean she makes below par music in my opinion, she was in a band that made excruciatingly bad music and would try their best to look sexy and her husband is the British Tiger Woods only with less subtlety and she get's a Vogue Cover.
The cover with Carey Mulligan best known for being in Wall Street is a bore she practically posed with the same facial expression throughout, My God was Anna Wintour not having enough evil in her life that day or is she seeing too much of Blake Lively. You people need to get people who actually have something to do with fashion like I dunno VICTORIA BECKHAM!!!!!!!!!!!! now that girl will work a picture like her life depends on it. smh

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