Saturday, June 25, 2011


This country has finished if they can do this in MBGN what can't they do. I left the comfort of my bed to watch MBGN and alli could do was shake my head, the show was poorly produced, the MC was practically begging people to clap then travesty upon travesty kept occurring. They picked Susan Peters to judge, why? were Genevieve, Omotola, Stephanie, Ini absent from the country they had to pick this woman that i saw on TV smoke and crap at the same time I mean COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Let's get to the winner They asked this girl what being MGBN means to her and she said PROISE not POISE PROISE is that the answer to the question Ben Murray Bruce and co they picked her over Miss Ebonyi who can speak perfect English or Miss Adamawa who has questionable dentition but has poise not proise or even Misss Bayelsa that was obviously a fan favourite. Then the winner Miss Taraba had the balls to air kiss Ben Murray Bruce and he whispered into her ear BOOM !!! BABY!!!!! BOOM !!!!!. I give up on this country I swear

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