Sunday, June 5, 2011

Famzers be damned

Famzers will not kill me in this country, I took my nephew and my niece out for some fun at the arcade ( i use the term arcade very loosely) at SB so i borrowed my friends car cuz they ain't know way I'm letting my nephew put his grimy fingers on my freshly washed seats, so I pull up in this rover and some people are starring and all of a sudden some dudes walk up to me and are like OMG!!! we had community development together were the hell have u been it's been ages. First of all i was like who says OMG in words it's the 21st century heffers get with the program two I don't even know you so pull out. Then the ultimate famzers are on twitter the will tweet non stop at celebrities about how they love the new song they just did were as the song will make any grown man want to menstruate.

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