Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hugh Hefner"s Girlfriend calls off the wedding

Somewhere far far away in Las Vegas Holly is laughing her fake tits into hysteria, apparently Crystal got her gold digging ass in a tizzy when he realized she may have to clean Heff's geriatric ass for the next 10 years. Heff tweeted that Crystal has called of the wedding and Crystal told Ryan Searest,that contrary to Hef's Twitter tears, he didn't really want to get married again. Hef was only marrying Crystal because he thought that's what she wanted and he's relieved he won't be a husband again. Crystal says she realized the Playboy lifestyle is not for her and she wants to focus on her music career. Coincidentally (served inside of a sarcasm empanada), Crystal's new single came out the same day as the news of her break-up with Hef. the staff of Playboy apparently didn't get the memo and is still publishing the above issue

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