Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Is it ever okay to date your Best Friend’s ex

Is it ever okay to date your Best Friend’s ex

I don’t care whether your friend broke up with this person one week ago or five years ago, the person is your best friends ex, it is never ever okay to do that and for those people who do it and think it’s okay y’all be trifling I strongly believe in the mantra bros over hos and I . Some people will be saying it is so hard to find someone to connect with. When you’re single, it seems like everyone else isn’t. As you get into your late 20’s and early 30’s, most of your friends get married and those who aren’t have long standing relationships. Holidays like Valentine’s Day come and go and yet you still have nobody special in your life all that is some bogus ass bull crap. There are over a million men/women why do you have to carry your trifling self to your friends ex.

I don’t mean to sound jaded but if my friend walked up to me and said “yo dude errr I need to0 tell you something I’m dating Miss so and so and I know you guys used to date I just wanted you to know before anyone else told you” when people say this to you they just expect you to smile and be like all perky and say “oh it’s all good I have no qualms” but I’m sorry I for one will tell you like it is, it is wrong and you ought to be smacked for even suggesting it. I think it’s downright disgusting to even consider sleeping with your friends ex let alone going ahead with it. If you like say my wahala is too much that one is your business it is guilty conscience that is doing you, it is just wrong . First of all they have been intimate and there is no way on God’s green earth he/she wouldn’t compare u two even if unintentionally. Secondly, your friendship will certainly suffer because every time he/she steps into the room your mood will most definitely become sour, if you like be claiming Mother Theresa a part of you will feel a pang of point? Just don’t do it. If u do, you need to be Bitch slapped with a paddle

It is even worse when your so called friend chooses not to tell and then you are at the movies with your friends and they walk in together *cue ghen ghen music* and you are trying your best to mask your anger and he/she says oh! You guys know each other right and that bad belle friend with the hood rat voice says oh helllllllllllllllll nooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then you know something is wrong.

If you do decide to go on this Jezebel like path honesty is always the best policy, and having the balls to confront this situation shows respect for your friendship. I am not saying you should ask permission to date him, but rather give her the opportunity to hear about your plans of doing so, from YOU!! Because if she does hear it from some other tatafo that has been planning your downfall since your own has finished because they will make you out to be some trifling back stabber with a vay jay jay that is always begging to be scratched so I stress the fact that you have to tell before crossing that path. Some friends might pretend to be non chalant but a good friend will mask her pain and be mature (I know I won’t *gets Vaseline and blade) but some petty people example me will thros a hissy fit especially if thet are single, so if you have petty friends like me please o!!!! be careful before someone will push you off a bridge

. There are way too many single people out there for you to be to lapping over your friend’s sloppy seconds and leftovers.

What are your thoughts????? Would you dabble in your friends old honey pot or keep to yourself while conjy continually hooks you over that fine girl/boy. Let me know your thoughts

Stay trifling xoxo Mr Chatter.

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  1. I think it's awkward to date a friend's ex, and no matter what he/she says to sound 'mature', it will definitely change the friendship and not in a good way