Friday, June 11, 2010


I think some elitist Nigerians are full of shit and I use that word elitist very loosely. Why on earth would someone send me an invitation to a party and then say later that it is strictly by invitation I mean seriously who does that. Why are you then publicizing your event, keep it between you are boring friends so you can all come to your party all dolled and then doze at the boredom yo have concocted all in the name of invitation only.
Some idiot might be saying abeg jo he is only saying this because they did not invite him. Yes numskull that's the reason, I understand not wanting riff raff at the event but that's what gate fees are for or if you are that exclusive get a good bouncer who has an eye for riff raff. I was at some invitation only event and my God!!!!!!! it was a snorefest the seats they kept for their nouveau-riche were left empty for the breeze to balance in and then the snotty hostess had the effrontery to ask if we were having fun to which i replied testily if there were actual people here we might not want to sleep.
Next time I see an advert for an exclusive party and Alexa and Natasha are both wetting themselves at the thought of being in an exclusive party I'll just remind them that all we are going to see there are a couple of snubs who managed to afford semi-expensive shoes and spice up their bend-down select gowns with belts and a couple of horny old men and pubescent boys all with baby peens looking to get laid that definitely would turn them off.

Till my next Rant this is Angry MR CHATTER signing out. XOXO u sabi say u loff me
p.s Sparrow if u r reading this this one u r now single I hope that oyibo did not mess with your heart. If she did we will come to Kamloops abi werever the place is and arrange her Naija Style Jenifa ain't got nuthin on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
picture courtesy: Bara Tobiah

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