Friday, June 11, 2010

Music Issues: Afolabi

I am trying as hard as I can to get into different genres of music, as many of my friends know I am not a big fan of rap, I might hear the occasional50 cent song or Fat Joe and bob my head to it but then Nicki Minaj came along and had me thinking there was still hope for me. I love this new artist Afolabi, he has some tracks which are unreleased but they are amazing he has this song Icy and Mirrors both very different genres which show his versatility as a musician. You should visit his Reverb Nation profile and become a fan of him on facebook. He is also a fashion designer and used to part of a design collective called Anarchy which consisted of Timi, Alaezi Akpuru, Bolanle Yesufu and Adeaga Bukumi.!/pages/Afolabi/119771058038135

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