Tuesday, June 8, 2010

IPhone4 and it's features

Yesterday my friend Nancy came by chirping Nnamdi Nnamdi the new Iphone is out when are we going to get ours and in reply I bitch slapped her stupid face and then said Idiot sorry for slapping you, I don't even have the first one they did neither do I have a blackberry so were will I get the money. She was still shocked from the slap and replied bitchily It's not my fault you no get money anyway the idiot says open your laptop may we check the feature make I go tell my Bofinto make im buy am with in new salary AAAAAHHHHH MO TI ARRIVE NI ABUJA!!!!!! I roll my eyes in disgust and leave the laptop to her razz hands.
Anyway here are the features
It has an Apple A4 processor designed by Apple engineers to be a powerful yet efficient mobile processor that can multi-task while saving battery life. The screen is made of alluminosillicate glass the same type used for helicopters.
Will you be buying the Iphone4 or smacking people who suggest it like me.
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