Friday, June 11, 2010

Lanre Aluko-Olokun Presents Lorenzo Duffle Bag Collections and Jazz (Singer Song Writer)

Hey y'all(screaming in my best Miley imitation) Last week I came across this great up and coming singer/songwriter called Jazz while listening to the song on the web my friend Alexa passes through and says OMG that's the guy with the Ankara jacket I love his voice and I look at her in confusion saying WTF are you on about she then shoves me aside and clicks on some link she apparently inboxed me ages ago about someone on Bella Naija and it was the same person singing in some Lovely Ankara jacket.
First on his Music he has two songs I have heard Lanumi and Where I want to be. Lyrically the boy delivers better than I expected even better than some musicians I have heard. If I was to put him in a genre I would say Soul meets Jazz. If you are sitting at home making pasta (I wish) with your girlfriend (still wishing) put on either of the songs and pour yourself some red wine light some candles (the romantic ones not the Naija candles that will attract mosquitoes and ruin your night) and it will definitely get you some cuddling that night.

On to his designs apparently my attraction to his designs was the ankara jacket and bow-tie (wishing on both for Christmas) they are definitely attention grabbers and then the ankara Harem pants definitely a most for any confident fashionista.
Visit his page on facebook Jazz (singer,songwriter)

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