Friday, June 4, 2010

Sex and The City: My Review

I don't care what critics say about the Sex and The City2 movie, I loved it everything from the fashion to the dirty toilet humor courtesy Samantha Jones was just amazing. I laughed at some parts in the movies and groaned at some cringe worthy parts. From the Liza Minelli performing Single Ladies at Stanford's Wedding to Mr Big getting hit on at that same wedding to Samantha getting arrested for a PDA was just laughable. The fashion O!!!!!!!!!!! from Carrie's tuxedo to Charlotte's vintage Valentino ergo the red hand prints to Samantha's red dress with armory on the shoulders to Miranda's Abu Dhabi outfits everything was just amazing.
I'll post pictures from the movie soon.
P.S we heard gist and I use that word loosely that SJP is hoping for a 3rd installment for the movie. Though I doubt if I would be going to see that because that will be taking the mickey seriously nobody wants to see a 70 year old Samantha having sex but a twenty something year old Samantha hell yeah!!!!!! Make it happen people they should turn the Carrie Diaries into a movie

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