Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lady Gaga's Alejandro

I was waiting and waiting for this video to come out and then it did and all I could say was "ape shit" I wasted 20 mins waiting for this to load, I was foaming at the mouth in anger. It's not that the video was bad or anything I just didn't get the video with it's semi nude dancers and their awful haircuts. The S&M imagery was quite fin to look at and all that writhing on the bed was not as shocking as it would have been last year. the video is a little to Gothic for me and the lack of fun in the video made it seem like an ode to boredom rather than fleeing from a horde of horny Mexicans/Spaniards like I thought it would have been.
Enough of what I thought let's get to the video itself. The video was shot by fashion photographer Steven Klein. Gaga says of the video and the song that it was a celebration of her love and appreciation for the gay community.Her admiration of their bravery and their love for one another and their courage in their relationships. It's something I have yet to nail on the head with a man."
Many are saying the singer is inviting religious trouble
as she is seen swallowing rosary beads while dressed as a nun in a red PVC habit, tying a lover to a bed and experimenting with bondage and is also seen wearing an updated version of Madonna's cone bra which doubles up as guns.When any Music fan watches this video you'll definitely know she is paying homage to Madonna's Blonde Ambition days and Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation.

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