Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Fashion at HHWA awards

As usual at the HHWA there were a lot of celebrities, wannabes, groupies and people who we don't know how they even got tickets to be on the show.
Former MBGN Omowunmi Akinnifesi wowed in a JBL dress (the dress was shown in her paris collection and in was also shown at the Face of Africa competition were it was worn by Ernania Raina) Mo'Cheddah looked amazing (colored hair gone Thank God) KSB looked good I probably was shocked by how good she looked, then Munachi Abi my God for God sake someone should slap that girl we get that she wants to be a bad ass rock star/rapper but her look is just to fug for me to even waste time analyzing the many wrongs going on around the outfit be it her hair she has refused to change to those awful sequined shorts meant for the beach or a night party sweety we know you claim you don't send but please do something before you get blacklisted you ain't Denrele so you can't pull off that look.

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