Friday, March 26, 2010


We decided that everyday we would do a bit we'll call Lady GAGA news.
Anyway Messus Gaga hass topped the list of having the most videos watched online with 1 billion views. Shocked aren't you apparently a lot of people liked the bald hissing cat in Bad Romance because it had an approximated 360,000,027(360 million) views,The Great Danes were obviously a hit in Poker Face as it had more that 374 million hits and Lady Gaga dry humping a whale made you giggle in ur lovebits because it had more than 274 million hits.
I was jumping all the way to the bathroom singing So happy I could Die. Eat your heart out weird lady im Britney's video.

In other news Alejandro might be the next Single to have a video, Boo Hoo we were hoping Teeth would be the next one But any video is better than no video

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