Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ministerial Nominees

You know i hardly ever blog about politics seeing as politics is a big bore of old people screaming in barely audible english over who is penny pinching and who was a little bit happy at the national cake sharing.
Anyway I strayed last nite from my usual foray at channel 124 known as E! to DSTV watchers and from trying to watch Model City, Teen Mom and Real Life to watch NTA(scream if you can and yes I know were NTA is) to see which person will dare pick on Dora Akunyuli I mean the woman is as stubborn as a mule and for every question that mule through at her she always had a straightforward answer. I love a woman with liver anyday. They had better not piss of nigerians by not putting her back in her post because we will not be amused. I wonder at what kind of indecent person will connote to you cooking with Turai as a question for Ministerial position i mean puhliz and they say we are immature

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