Thursday, March 18, 2010

Garbourey Sidibe

They have been talks, comments and even insults (douche Howard Stern) about The Precious Star, that the girl is too big and she needs to loose weight and she is not healthy and she is a poster child for Obesity. Them people are crazy as hell why are all of you taking Panadol for the girls headache did she ever wake up in the morning and dial you Howard Stern and your daft foolish sidekick who i wish i could see so i could bitch slap her and her useless mouth Robin Quivers and say Hi pls help me with my weight no she did not so why are you all stressing. Howard Stern you need to get a life the 80's are over and they need their hair back stupid hack thinking he will appear on American Idol puhlizz nobody i mean nobody wants to see that amount of ugly up on stage

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