Monday, March 8, 2010

Fashion at the Oscars

SJP why did you have to this to me you are truly my style icon and you had to go wear a Chanel nightdress all in because it had the name couture attached to it. Thank God somebody must have smacked Tina Fey because for the first time at a red carpet this year i didn't feel like rhyming when i saw her, she tries but her hair dresser should be drowned.
Carey Mulligan's dress was a bit too much for me loved the fact she took a risk with the dress but all those embellishments were a bit too much for me. Cameron Diaz and Elizabeth Banks did it for me I saw the two of them and i knew the Oscar's were going to be good their outfits made their fairy-god mothers weep in joy, the former was dressed in Oscar de la Renta while the latter was dressed in Versace

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