Monday, March 22, 2010

Thisday Style

Thisday style is the Nigeria's answer to Page six only with less gossip and less scandal. Every body and i mean everybody wants to be in this magazine. Every Sunday in Abuja on your way to or from church you would see women looking frantically looking outside the windors for their vendor when the vendor does surface from obscurity they scream Thisday!!!!!! Thisday!!!!!!!! while the poor vendor runs after their car when both parties come to a stop. The woman asks does it have style and if it doesn't have she flings the newspaper furiously back at him as if it is his fault, every thing just goes down hill from there. It seems that Thisday style is the epitome of social standing if you haven't been in it some people just think you have not achieved any social standing at all!!!!!! I had to giggle last week when a friend of mine was crying to me when a picture of her and another friend was tagged and guest she was mortified she was like how can they do this to me I was actually happy for at least she got in I didn't.I really don't understand the obsession with getting in this daily really I'd rather pine for Tatler or Vogue ( big dreams I know) than pine for a magazine that you get in based on.......... Anyway there are some people who like have permanent spaces in these magazines it's like every event they are camped out waiting for the photographers. e.g Nkiru Anumundu( you have to be living under a rock if you do not know this woman) Tutu Wright, Elohor Isihor and various others.

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