Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pete Doherty 3rd Most Stylish Man in the world by GQ

That is the 3rd most stylish man!!!!!!! Yes i will give you time to throw up for some time.
Seriously I am highly disgusted at the choices this people make was Pharrel sleeping when this choice were was Ozwald Boateng or Ryan Reynolds or Diddy. The chose this sewer rat that looks like he blew past a Weed shop and rumbled through a garbage can for clothes to any event he can scrape an invite to as far as I am concerned the only reason this La Douche is even popular is because he dated Kate Moss and has a seemingly year long love affair with drugs and an affair with his mistress Rehab. GQ you need to get new writers your old ones watch too many pubescent movies because why would anyone think the Sallow skinned R-Patz is second and Johnny Depp first, I can see some little reason for Depp but Doherty I feel like i should roll in the sewer with my clothes just to get on their stupid list.

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