Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hilarious words that people should say more

I read an article on a website about some words that were edited out of Jane Lynch's part in Glee. They shouldn't have, I love these words though some of my friends will be rolling their eyes when they see these these words thinking to themselves why won't he like them evil Human being. My dark Humor is the the one part of me i am proud of.
Before I stray off topic, these are the words.
Shut your mouth before I rape it
I will kick you square in the Vagina(love this one said it to Timi this morning)
Rachel is wearing floor length denim skirts that make her look like she escaped from a polygamist compound.
I love them then these are words i say to my friends when we are bored
What's the T bitch( say it to your friends everyday and it will be like a mantra)
Mmmmm Hmmm Honey B
You've been a very bad girl GAGA (or in my case Timi or Yusuf minus the girl part and with less enthusiasm and sexual innuendo)
I knew you would take all my Honey you selfish mother f#######r to akin as he always steals my food selfish heffer.
Anyway I am off to Lunch at some fab Bukkateria called Mama Illorin. Catch ya am si so in 20 mirites

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