Friday, March 26, 2010

If you do not like it do not watch it

People and when I say people I mean activists, hasbeens people with nothing to do but watch television waiting for some mishap they can boycott have been yapping rubbish about the Telephone video, I mean that video has its moments were you have a question mark on your head but please the video is too amazing. The same cow that said something about the if you seek amy video is yapping trash yet again that the video is not for children and it would confuse little children. If I was her child I would be confused too seeing as people have been advicing you to clamp down on your stupidity and you have vehemently refused that would definitely confuse me. Then Donny Osmond i don't even want to know what he does for a living doubt if I would listen to the earth shattering crap spewing from his mouth has said that people should rethink policies on allowing music videos with sexual innuendos, nudity, F bombs, Foul language should not be made available to people of all ages. I say what some other peple have been saying since were asleep when Madonna wore her cone bra or the sexual things she has been doing all her know you decide to crawl up from obscurity and beg for some publicity thinking Honey B or GaGA would reply you HELL NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOSER

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