Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Ke$ha is probably the only musician i want to strangle. My friends ask me every time what she did to me and i say nothing but I can't understand her desperation to be noticed. Every thing about her screams sewer crap made too look trashier. Ke$ha is a mix of Britney circa Oops I did it again, Christina in her Xtina days and GAGA in her Just dance days mix that together and throw it in sewer and a trash can and out comes Ke$ha ready to show you her love box. when Ke$ha started disturbing the world with her incredibly foolish lyrics I thought what the hell is this dirty girl talking about brushing her teeth with a bottle of Jack. All I ask is please do not dance with no pants imagine the dirt that could fly from your lady bits please there are children who don't want to be affected by your germs and yes we do not care what your middle name is sewer girl go take a bath and then we might take you seriously.

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