Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Why won't people learn how to dress

Timi aka Ruggiero is going through some disastrous phase where he laughs aloud at people's fashion choices. Last week some unfortunate girl passed us in sequins or shine shine and he began screaming sequins. Last month some unfortunate fellow wore a white suit to my house and the whole family kept laughing at him even the maid couldn't keep her face straight when she gave him water.It was hilarious and then the shocker came when this guy walking with the confidence of Jennifer Hudson after winning an Oscar walks in with Red Suit, Green tie and white shoes and wait for it.................................. a floral shirt the whole office went silent for a minute then the messenger came in all of a sudden and screamed then we were all free to laff. Nigerians please consult your brain when dressing I don't want to run away for fear that someone would catch me and Timi laughing

1 comment:

  1. LOL...I knw some people dont even look at their mirror or maybe they r jus fashion brain dead...I saw an asian girl the other fishnet stockings and pink booty shorts...yellow boots and a mink coat...i mean her outfit prolly cost alot but wtf she looked like a hooker clown