Monday, March 29, 2010

The Guilder Ultimate Search Show premiered yesterday and it was fun to watch the celebrities and I use that word loosely loose their calm. Not too long into the show they were already arguing over their first their first task which was to solve a puzzle and win sleeping bags and tents. When the puzzle was solved the ever annoying Muma Gee started yapping that she was the one that solved the puzzle much to the annoyance of Daddy Showkey and Jenifa (Funke Akindele) even the usually reserved Chioma Akpotha had some choice words to say.
It was already obvious who everybody hates Muma Gee most of the women can’t even stand her fake Diva attitude. She fought with Princess, Chioma and obviously Funke who kept getting on her case. The funny thing was when Funke said she had never heard of Muma Gee and shehas never even seen her before the show quite bitchy if you ask me but I was waiting for Muma to open her trap and say the same so the whole of Naija will run to that bush and beat her, but she did have some funny thing to say that she was a sophisticated lady and doesn’t fight, I had to laugh outrageous hair yes, tacky dress sense yes, a stylist that should be sacked yes, fake accent yes, delusional that she is a diva yes, all that is what Muma Gee is but sophisticated she definitely is not. Funke, Princess and Chioma then got on Emeka Ike’s case OOOOOOOOoo I was so happy when this happened I was praying that he would drop that stupid pretty boy thing that he so does not have and that dirty village English he is trying to speak and speak like the has been that he is.
All in all Dare ever the Dapper individual proved to be atrue celebrity and did not engage the other people in mundane arguments (I am rooting for him to win to prove that Ajebuttas are the bomb) Weird MC was so mature I love her for wise words and her attitude. I was however shocked that Obesere and Daddy Showkey did not break out ranting in Yoruba at the stupid people making noise, though it was obvious they were finding it hard that at times they would switch to Yoruba for which Jenifa would oblige. Bob- manuel proved that he knew were he stood and I see him as one of the top 3 for the money.
Will you still be watching Muma Gee pretend to have more than 50 fans and Jenifa aka Suliat rant like a possessed rabied baboon? Who are your Top 3. Leave your comments and do not forget to follow this blog and follow us on twitter

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