Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Amber rose and the Voracious Grace Jones

I love Grace Jones too much. Who can forget hits like Pull up to the Bumper and her album Jungle Fever the woman is the true definition of Man-eater. Last time I actually fell love with her again was when i was watching the Arise Fashion show a few years back and out walks this feline creature definitely different from the rest of the non-existent skinny people that had been breezing past causing a snore on the runway, she prances down the runway in a confident stride then lifts her hands and starts clapping as she reaches the end of the runway poses then struts back with the agility of a panther and i said to myself that woman can't be sixty it's not legal to be that age and still be that hot. All this time my friend was silent i thought hmmmmm maybe he has had a stroke then he starts screaming almost at that the crowd goes absolute bonkers.
Well the true reason for this post is a picture that has been going round everywhere, It's a picture of Amber Rose Kanye's girlfriend recreating a picture made popular by Ms Jones in a series of photos called nigger Arabesque. Though Amber Rose tries she just doesn't have the limbs for this picture. Grace Jones owns that shit girl you need to create your own pictures nobody not even the Sidekick throwing, limo driver punching Naomi Campbell can pull it so stay true to your strengths Videos!!!!!!!1

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