Monday, March 29, 2010

Jesse jagz album party in Abuja

The Jesse Jagz album launch was on Saturday and definitely we at Chatterbox were there to see all and sundry. The creme de la creme of abuja were there with a few sprinklings of razzobias. The venue was super packed with Celebrities from Omawunmi to Wizkid, M.I. Ice Prince, Gordons, AY, Julius Agwu, Denrele and Noble Igwe there could have been more but those were the only people I could identify. Jesse definitely knew what he was doing as the album definitely is packed with hit after hit. i definitely love the song Pump it Up and when he came out with and started with Hey now its that incredible kid from J town the whole crowd went wild. the only odd thing or should i say odd were a couple of Chinese guys that kept jumping up and down through out the performance. i mean even Nigerians wern't that enthusiastic. Pictures coming soon

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