Monday, March 22, 2010

Guilder Ultimate Search

The Celebrity Edition of Ultimate Search is here with host as Genevieve Nnaji the show definitely is something people have too watch. The cast features an eclectic group of celebrities you can even classify them The ajebutta connoisseur Dare Alade, The teary eyed actress with so many changed last names Chioma ......, The comedienne with natural floaters or airbags can't remember which one she said she has Princess, Suliat Kan also known as Jenifa also known as Funke Akindele is part of the cast and was also seen at the event brandishing her blackberry as if it was her lifeline on the show, Acclaimed Fuji King Obesere, Daddy Showkey Lord knows were they found because ijust can't remember when last i saw or even heard his name. Boring Nollywood Loverboys Bob-Manuel Udokwu and even more boring Emeka Ike to bring us a lot of fake accents throughout the show,the character I just cannot seem to understand is MUMA GEE why in heavens name is she there throughout her interview she kept giving grammatical blunder upon blunder it was even more funny to hear her disastrous accent and worse when she was asked a question she said i do not know how i can stay without my make-up artist sweetheart I didn't even know you had one with all the rouge you keep bathing in please for the sake of good television tone down your fakeness before Suliat and Princess beat you in a hungry daze. The only person that I am gunning for is Weird MC i just want her to win may because i am still pining over Allen Avenue song .... Will you be watching how Obesere and Daddy Showkey try in vain to converse in English with Dare and the other cast...........

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  1. first thing first...I think mumna G's make up artist(which is an insult to that name even...face painter is appropriate) shuld b shot! and Muma G shuld b strung up..what the fuck is her old ass doin on the show..and Obesere? i ddnt knw that old perv was still alive at daddy showkey...I'm preety sure they found him checkin his grasscutter traps the jungle where they are havn the ultimate search and decided to include him in the show....and pls please...emeka ike? are u for real? i think i jus threw up in my mouth :P