Monday, March 29, 2010

Gid here I come you come you can party if you wanna

Yes O!!!!!!!!!! It won't be easy this week. Lagos will here that we have arrived. From the bus stops at Jibowu to Maza Maza people will know that we have arrived. We will be partying non stop from Tribecca to Rehab, Insomnia, Swe Bar, the Go cart place dunno the name yet. We will definitely be hitting KFC for our chicken nuggies. It definitely won't be boring as we have made new friends amazing people they are Andrew, Yusuf and the gang and it definitely won't be a snoozefest like the last time. I already have my clothes packed for each event. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter for updates on our trip on twitter on and become a fan on facebook on the Mr Chatterfromaboredmind fan page.

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